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Apr 27, 2014 8:00pm PDT
the comments. the president was asked about the comments that he held with malaysia's prime minister. >> when ignorant folks want to advertise their ignorance, you can't really have do anything; you just let them talk and that's what happened here. obviously, the nba as a league, is be loved by fans all across the country. we've got an all lot of african-american players steeped in african-american culture and i suspect the nba's going to be deeply concerned in resolving this. >> stay with kron four news. we'll keep you updated on the sterling controversy and the reactions from around the sports world. you can you post your comments on kron four facebook page. and after the talk about what the clippers owner allegedly said, there was a basketball game to play. dan ruben caught up with warriors fans who were excited to get evening with the clippers, two games to two, that is. >> the warriors were coming off back-to-back losses but they hadn't loss three in a row all season. it's going to take a strong team effort to keep that streak alive. fans started packing the parking lot hours before the
Apr 26, 2014 8:00pm PDT
.s.ment has been to malaysia. >> for a while, we may be different as nations. ourpeople have similar hopes and aspiration. >> reporter: while malaysia's king drektsly a-direct d -- directly addressed the e search for the missing flight. >> your involvement since the beginning of the search and rescue mission and the on going recovery operation indeed em exemplifies the strong commitment established between our two countries. >> reporter: the plane disappeared more than 7 weeks ago and searchers have yet to find any evidence that it crashed into the indian ocean. if the don't find any plane debris, the search is expected to shift north. meantime,president obama remains in malaysia through sunday. [inaudible]: a report on the plane's disa available to the public next week. >>> the centers for disease control and prevention released startling data this week revealing a dramatic rise in measles outbreaks in the u.s.. more people have been infected this year than in the last 18. california is reporting the highest numbers. >> this is a highly infect ious disease. >> reporter: you're infecti
Apr 25, 2014 8:00pm PDT
to occupy his country militarily and politically. tonight, president obama heads to malaysia. >>> governor jerry brown issued a second executive order today to try to help battle california's drought. the latest order takes new steps to help fight wildfires and to assist cities and farmers. it streamlines the rules for purchasing firefighting equipment. it allows prrt owners to quickly clear brush and dying trees from their land. governor brown's first drought related order was back in january. >>> meantime, time magazine released its list of the most influential people and jerry brown made the list. he's in the leaders' category, seven spots below president obama. governor davis wrote about brown's accomplishments for the issue. davis praised his handling of the california billion-dollar budget deficit and job creation. >>> sharing the list with governor brown, john kerry and former secretary of state hillary clinton. terrell williams earned a spot. his biography is written by justin timberlake. but bedwron say sits on top of the -- beyonce sits on top of the category. she's on the cover.
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3